In today's hard world of business 'soft skills' are essential for success!

At Totem Training Ltd we understand that from time to time your business will have a need - probably arising as a result of feedback from appraisals or performance reviews - for more general, one-off, soft skills short courses.

That's why you'll find that we offer a number of cost and time effective soft skills training courses, in a range of essential short course titles, which are perfect for filling skill gaps that may exist within your teams.

You may even have a list of soft skills training you need, which is why all our courses represent a selection of stand-alone half day and full day sessions, allowing you to build up an appropriate package of training to suit your individual or organisational needs.

In addition, the content for all our courses is based on practical knowledge and usable and proven techniques that can be implemented back in your workplace quickly and easily, providing real world results.

The Soft Skills Courses We Provide

Whatever your requirements, download our 'Essential Guide to Totem Training Ltd' where you will find an extensive range of of the soft skills short courses we provide.  This is not a finite list and is constantly being updated.  So, if the subject area is not mentioned - please talk to us and we will either design a course to meet your needs or signpost you to a trusted Associate.

All of the soft skills short courses are designed to impact on your organisation through the increased knowledge and skill of your staff, leading to improved workplace strategies.

Furthermore, they all contain a high level of participation and interaction using a range of training methods such as individual work, group exercises & discussions, games & activities, personal profiling and role play, combined with specific input from the trainer.

So, if you have a list of soft skills training you require and you'd like to request a FREE Needs Assessment Consultation, call us today on 0333 200 0706, or send your enquiry online and we'll be happy to help.

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