Delegate feedback

The majority of our clients now complete their own Course Evaluations either on the day or electronically.  As a result, we have decided to stop providing our own Course Evaluations.  The reasons are two-fold:

  1. To cut down on the amount of paperwork delegates have to complete; and
  2. To reduce the amount of paper we use.

We are still able to monitor the effectiveness of our Training as we are copied in on the results of individual client's summaries.  What it doesn't enable to do is produce an overall summary - the information gathered varies from client to client so does not enable us to give an accurate overview.

It is our intention to continue to make this page available so that new visitors can access previous Evaluations.

Following each session - whether it be a 1-1 or group training we provide the client with 'Trainer Feedback', which will share 'Session Feedback', 'Recommendations' and 'General Observations'.

Click the links below to review the quarterly summaries of our Course Evaluation Forms and a selection of Delegate Feedback:

We very much appreciate all of our delegates feedback and comments.

As a result of feedback we have received, we have:

  • Introduced a limited amount of Powerpoint delivery. Whilst we still prefer the traditional 'Flip Chart & Pen' approach, we accept that some of our delegates are visual learners, so we hope this will accommodate those needs;
  • Introduced a formal 'Totem Training' binder for delegates to keep handouts in, as requested;
  • Produced a 'Reading List' available to download;
  • Increased the topics covered in the 'Totem 7 Tips' Series that are available to download.